What’s your Tribe?



Who are you upsetting? Who are you connecting? Who are you leading?


Seth Godin in this TED Talk made these 3 questions for us to think about. We at SOAP work with a lot of services and product companies, helping them deliver their message. We work hard to bring intelligence to all of their intent. Being it a new service, a new product, a new way of thinking and behaving or just change.


Why is this “Tribe” concept so important nowadays? Because your growth as a company has to do with the growth of your patrons and advocates. Because your success as a presenter, has to do with the value you add to them, or even more technical it has to do with the way you impact them with the message you’ve built and surrounds the speaker.


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11 step guide



Selling comes second


No matter what we are always selling. Be it a change in behaviour, on choosing sides or even on pitching your child, nephew or niece to do something he doesn’t want to do, you are selling. The evolution of technology enabled the growth and reach of people and their desires of belonging. Seth Godin in his Tribe theory enhances the importance of leadership, the importance that people have today of following values, actions or brands that stand for what they connect with. The take to gain from this theory, in our view, is that we should value quality over quantity. Know what you stand for, be clear about your purpose and people that identify with your mission will commute to you, your brand or business.



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