What is a State-of-the-Art Presentation?


Over the past year, we’ve shared with you our experience and knowledge about corporate presentations.


In this last week of 2012, we want to share with you our understanding of what elements must be present in a state-of-the-art presentation.


Generally, presentations are intended to get people moved by an idea, a product, a concept, or even accomplish a change in behavior – not an easy task! Here are some of the elements that differentiate a great presentation from a ho-hum presentation.


The Story: A coherent story that drives the presentation, that’s well structured and attractive, and that’s able to arouse and hold audience attention.


One Main Message: A story that reveals the main message and is supported by good arguments. (The main message represents some kind of benefit to the audience, and the language used to transmit the message facilitates understanding.)


Visual Excellence: Visual support material that reinforces the various messages addressed in the presenter speech and helps the audience to grasp and retain what’s being discussed. (The more consistent this is with the profile of the presenter, the more effective the performance is and the more confidence inspired among the audience.)


Creative Communication:All the aspects mentioned above aligned through creative and impactful communication solutions. (As presenters we have to find interesting and different ways to speak to our audience and tell our story. We may use a short movie, music, a testimonial or something uncommon to emphasize certain parts of the story. Uniqueness is a secret weapon to capture the audience.)


The Outcome: If all these features are present in a presentation, they will stimulate and hold the interest of an audience, enable understanding, and therefore create a scenario that’s as favorable as possible for winning over the audience.


Outstanding performances don’t guarantee a “yes” from an audience but they do guarantee the attention of the audience and significantly increase your chances of success.


As for SOAP, in 2013 we’ll continue to focus on producing state-of-the-art presentations that inspire and win over audiences.