Visual identity


Visual Identity


The company’s visual identity is a set of elements that aims to visually represent the institutional profile of the organization and is usually based on the logo and its colors.


Most companies have a document called a manual of visual identity, brand or establishing technical criteria and standards for construction and for the various applications of the logo, as well as correct colors, fonts, sizes, variations and other features that brand may have.


It should be based on the client’s brand manual and in accordance with all established standards, creates elements that behave in the best environment in a presentation – which is quite different from situations commonly described in textbooks (cards, stationery in general, sites, uniforms, etc. ..)


There are also several styles of visual identity for presentations that depend on each situation. For example:


For a corporate presentation, the best is really only use the colors of the company logo and visual elements with shapes very similar to it. In this case, the brand manual is very valid and important information from where it’s possible to have the correct colors, the minimum reduction of the logo area of protection, among others.


As for a presentation with a theme or metaphor free, along with institutional factors, it’s possible to add other colors and shapes that are more related to the proposed theme.


Telling your story and have a visual identity is another important step to ensure that the presentation press the essence of the company. In addition of course to enable the transmission of information in a harmonic way, diagrammed and accompanied by illustrations that help convey the main message.