Turning weaknesses in to Strenghts



Mistakes can, should be opportunities.


Turning weaknesses in to strengths should be your mantra. Today businesses are in the age of now. Everything they do is scrutinized by their customers, followers, fans and advocates. It’s all about the experience and the relationship. Renny Gleeson in this TED Talk showed us that you can build your own opportunities, but most of all he shows us that “little things done right, matter. Well-designed moments build brands”.


SOAP takes the whole relationship and ecosystem of a presentation a step further.


Our know-how and expertise has showed that knowing exactly what your message is, the purpose of your communication and the audience or target your communicating too are the key stakeholders of the presentation.


But just like everything we do in life, we must bear in mind that we are not always in control of everything, and mistakes do happen. The advice we give to our customers, goes along with the main reason of Renny Gleeson presentation, mistakes and the experience of living one mistake can be transformed in to an opportunity to improve. Above all else it’s the experience that can and should be transformed and differentiated. What your audience takes from your presentation and will talk about, will be what he or she experienced by watching, listening and understanding your message.


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15 most common



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