Timing is Leverage


Watch this Bill Gross Presentation with us.



Now, take this journey on analysing the links between a start up and a presentation. What called our attention to this TED Talk was the business side of it. Many of you are interested in the Tech and business side of companies, at least that is what our engagement metrics tells us.


Bill Gross is one of the founders of PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company), and named “The nation most prominent bond investor”. In his presentation, besides looking at his perfomance, the information was also interesting to watch. Thinking of the start up’s he mentioned, such as AirBnb , Uber, more than the funding and the business model, timing was the success factor. The same applies to presentations.


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The most successful product launch is considered to be the Iphone Keynote by Steve Jobs.  Yet again, the Timing factor was also important. There was demand for  3 features in one  product: music player, camera and phone in one. But the structure of the presentation was also around timing. And the way Steve Jobs performed helped build up the set up.


If we look at successful and impactful presentations, there are common factors to take in: Storytelling, visuals, emotions, empathy, engagement and timing.


You need to lead your audience to your goals.


In order to that, you must get to know who, what interests the audience you will interact with. Find right the story you can tell for them to relate to, conduct your content in ways to make it brief, clear and objective, set up the AHA! Moment to allow to the both of you – Presenter and audience – reach the goal (what you want your audience to retain) at the same time.


Once again timing here is priceless. Like the factors in the start up’s Bill Gross studied, ideas, team, funding, the business model’s are all key factors, but the one thing that pushed success and guaranteed impact was the timing. Much like in a presentation, to know where to apply the AHA! Moment in your presentation is the timing factor.


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