The Worst Way to Start a Presentation


There’s more than one way to start a presentation. As a matter of fact, there are countless good ways to begin, and as we always say, the beginning of a presentation is crucial. Because in those first moments you need to win your audience’s attention and confidence so they’ll hang on your every word til you finally stop talking.


And, no, this isn’t easy! If it were, there wouldn’t be an awful lot to say about it, would there?


But though there isn’t just one good way to start a presentation, there is for sure one worst way to start one.


In this article we share with you the very worst way to start a presentation, so you can avoid it like the plague.


And here it is: the very worst way to start a presentation has to do with the traditional presentation model we now know to be totally inadequate and ineffective, not to mention boring as hell.


You know the one? The presentation that uses a string of standard, disconnected messages that are of little or no interest to an audience.


For example?

The Worst way to start a presentation

Read these. Then forget them as fast as you can!

• About us.

• Our values.

• Our mission.

• What distinguishes us.

• Our products.

• Our success stories.

• Our Customers


And on an on and on.


See, creating a presentation based on company values and mission and so forth means you’re opting to focus on your company.




Instead, the core focus of your presentation should be the audience. Not you. So if your self-important, self-centered presentation starts with the mind-numbing themes we list above, you’ll end up getting what you didn’t come for:


-An audience that’s disinterested and bored (You can watch them text while you talk.)


-A unique opportunity lost for conveying an important message


– A bad image of yourself right out there for the world to see


Certainly not your objective!


So if your slides speak about values and missions and distinguishing characteristics, kill the file and kill the computer and rethink the whole thing, from square-one.


Start by asking yourself:

Who is my audience, and how can the message I want to convey improve their lives?


If you do this, you’ll be setting off on the right foot in the right direction. We all love to be the center of attention, right? So put yourself in that audience and think, what would I like to hear?


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Now get cracking!  We wish you awesome presentation beginnings!