The visual language of the words


Visual language

“A picture is worth ten thousand words.”


Yes, a a cliché. Agreed. But a clichés are here for a reason!


Have you ever given any thought to expressing the meaning of a word simply by manipulating the possibilities of the letters themselves? Challenging idea, no?


Well this is the proposal of the Korean independent designer, Ji Lee. His concept? “The Word as Image”


On his YouTube page, there’s a button, “Remix this video,” whereby you can include your own word versions using the YouTube video editor.



Imagine the great (typography) impacts that can be achieved using animation and letter art to enhance  a message!


“Typography is the face of language,” says Ellen Lupton, designer and author of “Thinking with Type,” one of her many influential books on graphic design.


Using the potential of the typography well — in other words, arranging the type well in a white space — is the primary challenge for a designer. This is when we get to decide about the font, the alignment, the size, the spacing, the color, the clarity and the readability of our message.  This is when we can affect the impact of our visuals, improving the way the message itself is visually constructed, creating provocative, even amusing displays.


So … let’s play with words?