The Second Step in Creating a Good Presentation



After you completed the first step: Assessing the Meeting Set-up and Presentation Context it’s time to focus on the second step in creating a good presentation: The Creation of a Script that leads to a Story focused on the audience and on your objective.


To complete this second step you should follow this 3 act structure:


1st Act – Creating Interest

There are many ways to create interest, the most relevant are:

  • Going straight to the point


  • Questioning


  • Metaphor


  • Suspense


  • Surprise


  • Drama


  • Humor

2nd Act – Maintaining Interest and Promoting Understanding

Provide supporting evidence. The supporting evidence should answer 6 basic questions: who (or what), where, when, how, why and how much.


There should be a logical connection between blocks.  A natural question at the end of any given block should be answered by the next block.


3rd Act – Closing toward your Objective

The conclusion of a presentation is the point at which you can close with a “grand finale” by consolidating messages and leading the audience toward a pre-defined objective.


You can use emotion, present a resolution, reconnect with the 1st Act, or reconnect with the main message.


Close your presentation with a call to action. This can be done softly or aggressively. You may choose the intensity, but the direction is always pre-determined by the objective.


Once you have your script done, you are ready to:


3 – Create Visual Images that help you communicate more effectively


4 – Rehearse and get ready to make an effective speech