The Importance of Color in Business Presentations


Ours is a visual world. The research proves it: about 85% of consumers claim that  color is one of the main deciding factors for buying not buying a particular product. And 93% of people feel that color contributes to improved understanding and learning and  comprehension when reading about a product.


In fact, color is so important that it can even repel consumers. Otherwise, 52% of buyers would not have said in a recent survey that they didn’t return to a particular store because of its aesthetics in general.


These are some of the conclusions we can draw from the infographic linked below, published by webpagefx, and that we now share with you here.


Study this information, so that the next time you have to prepare a business presentation you’ll know exactly what colors can help you get your message across most effectively. Remember to choose your presentation colors in light of the response you hope to get from your audience: action, reflection, tranquility, intensity and so forth.


We believe that when it comes to color it really is worth doing your homework. Just look at McDonald’s. The yellow and red of its logo suggest at the same time both anxiety and hunger, which triggers in consumers the desire to eat more and faster.


Another example we can talk about is BP, a very big oil company. BP made its logo green, so people would perceive it as a nature-friendly brand.


Colors definitely are a key element in any communication process, affecting the senses, the emotions and the intellect. That also why color in business presentations is so important. And so our color tips for your next business presentation are:


  • Before you define your visual identity, think about 2 or 3 colors that express the feelings you want to convey with your main message.


  • When choosing the color combination, search for colors that work together. For example: blue and green, red and yellow. If you look into this, you’ll find that there are countless combinations.


  • The colors you choose should be consistent with your logo and brand identity.


  • Never use more than 4 colors in a presentation, because the presentation will not look professional – it will come across instead like a kids’ party.


So, remember: next time, before you start to prepare a business presentation, study the infographic linked below before choosing the colors for your visual identity.


Psychology of Color Infographic

Infographic by WebpageFX