Stay Safe. Speak the Truth.

Stay Safe. Speak the Truth.

Politics apart, I think most of us agree that Barack Obama is one of the best storytellers of our time. We often look at him as a source of public speaking inspiration at all levels, especially with regards to the writing skills, tone of voice, pauses, and nonverbal communication. Over the last 20 years, he is only maybe comparable to Steve Jobs regarding performance on stage.

Recently, when asked to advise a group of US Mayors on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, Obama said: “Speak the truth. Speak it clearly. Speak it with compassion.”. This is the best communication tip I’ve heard during the crisis we’re going through. And it has always been very present whenever I needed to address my team at SOAP Presentations to, among other reasons, explain the risks we have in front of us with regards to the economy and the plan we have put in place to mitigate them.

Speaking the truth, the whole truth, is very often seen as a risk in business communication because it may be perceived as a weakness. And we all know that businesses are typically risk-averse. Therefore, people tend to hide the negatives. But good stories always have a negative component. Otherwise, there’s no conflict, there’s no transformation. Think of the negative as the antagonist to your story. And remember, people have an antenna that detects lies. No matter how good your story is, it’s all about gaining credibility and reputation.

There’s nothing wrong about saying:

Here’s the situation,
This is where this company has been,
This is where we are now,
And this is our strategy for the future,
And if we follow this strategy, we will have success,
If we go in that direction, we will fail.

So, if you, or your company, have been affected by the economic impact of the pandemic and if you’re looking for a piece of advice for your next business update, mine is: speak the truth.

Artur Ferreira

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Preparation makes Perfection




Malcom Gladwell is a Canadian journalist, speaker and writer of the best-sellers, The tipping point, Outliers, Blink, What the dog saw and David and Goliath.


For this post we will focus on the 10.000 hours rule that Malcolm Gladwell talked about in the book “Outliers”.


The catch phrase “Practice makes Perfection” is often used on the presentations activity. It has been proven, that to boost your confidence and assurance that your message does its purpose, you should practice and prepare the most you can. In front of the mirror, in front of cam-recorder, to friends and family, to colleagues, to anyone that can help you improve your performance and presentation.


A presentation can be a powerful tool when it is efficient. In other words, to have an effective presentation, means to transform your audience. In the end, the success of your presentation will be measured by what they take of the information you are giving them. To do so with confidence, requires you to be concise, with your content, interesting and straight to the point with the visuals that support your information, turn the experience into a conversation and be reassuring with your body language.


These behavioural aspects differ between speakers. Below you can download a #soapfreebie about the anatomy of the presenter, to get an idea of what we are saying.


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Although practice plays an important role in a presentation, PREPARATION in our opinion needs an even more important role. Imagine the following scenarios: The technical support team at the event you’re counting on to display your presentation, let’s you down and don´t show up in time. How are you going to address your audience? There was misunderstanding with the schedule, and now you have to keynote to a totally different audience that you practised for, or the speaker before you took more time in his presentation than expected, and your time was cut, from 30 minutes to 10.


In all the scenarios mentioned above, without Preparation all the practice seems short. Even if you apply Malcom Gladwell’s rule, “that popularized the idea that 10,000 hours of appropriately guided practice was “the magic number of greatness,” regardless of a person’s natural aptitude. With enough practice, he claimed in his book Outliers, anyone could achieve a level of proficiency that would rival that of a professional. It was just a matter of putting in the time”.


SOAP’s experience in the presentation field, has proven that the person’s natural aptitude reflects one’s performance, that is why we use “Preparation makes perfection” rather than “Practice makes Perfection”.


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