Technology tools you should know about



@SOAP we endorse technology as a mean to an end. We see all presentation tools, software included as part of an integrated system.


All experts have stated that it’s what you do with the tools that can enhance your final work. A lot of people blame PowerPoint for less successful presentations, mostly people building different tools or that have had bad experiences with it.

Think of the following analogy, when you have a white canvas and brush, aren’t we given the same tools as famous painter? Imagine Pablo Picasso, he could turn a napkin into art, given the same napkin to you, maybe, if you are inspired you too can draw what he has drawn, right? Why not? The tools are the same, maybe it will take you years, but with practice and if put your mind and will into it, you’ll make it.

Luckily, SOAP is here to help, and if you need help to enhance your communication, presentation or documents, just let us know, get in touch here.


In the meantime, here are a few gadgets that can help you on different scenarios.




Mobility is now synonymous to ubiquity, putting it in another words, you need to be anywhere without leaving your desk. Personify, can now help you do just that. Imagine the power of collaboration or co creation with online video on your desktop, just like a real time green screen.



Real Sense by Intel


We have wrote how Intel is changing the game of presentations, with their live demo strategy and also innovative products.


You can read on this post about this year disruptive presentation @CES 2016. Real sense is a software based on perceptual computing, that works with sensory input and movement-supported platforms.




ZTE Spro 2


Launched in 2015, it is your canvas on the go. This will allow you to always be ready to present anywhere. Technical issues on the conference room you are about to present? No worries, you can take your tool from the bag, and start projecting your presentation, from your phone. Always ready just became a reality.





A crowd-sourced product that can rise your productivity levels. It’s a computer mouse that also works as a scanner. Think of this scenario, that has happen to SOAP a million times when supporting our clients on site: Your client is about to go up on stage, but wants to improve this particular slide with a chart that is on a piece of paper. The solution? Grab the ZCAN mouse drag it around the piece of paper and it´s you’re editing tool canvas, ready to get edited. How much gravitas will you have?




This is the part of the post where “Minority Report” and “Back to future” seem like they were from the 19th century.



Is a presentation application that includes a wide variety of interactive media right inside your slides, without closing the application. You can find some more presentation apps on this post.




ConferenceCam Connect


Logitech came up with a mobility solution for your presentations and conference calls. It’s a device that can connect to your computer or smartphone and let’s you share video, voice and your presentation. See how it works on the video below.




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