SOAP a Prezi expert

SOAP a Prezi expert


There’s a “new” tool out there that’s captivating (and capturing) more and more presenters.


Since its launch, Prezi has seen more than 45 million users and been used for more than 120 million presentations.


Differences between Prezi and PowerPoint


Prezi is a tool designed for building innovative presentations.


It is recommended for those presentations in which a linear order of information is not required. When you build a presentation using PowerPoint, you don’t have much choice but to go through the slides in sequence.


But with Prezi, a user can zoom out for a macro view of a presentation. And with this system a user can access any slide at any time.


Another main feature of Prezi is that it is cloud computing software. Which means that a presentation can be built simultaneously by several people from different places in the world. How great is that!


And, unlike with PowerPoint, with Prezi you can use Flash files and link YouTube videos directly to your presentations.



SOAP as expert


And so the idea was born: Why not put together the best way to tell a story and one of the most innovative tools on the market today?


Because we are one of the biggest presentation companies in the marketplace, and because we have a leading methodology, Prezi has chosen SOAP to be the leader of a list of experts not only in Brazil, but also in the general list of international experts.


As of this writing, SOAP has  more than thirty experts receiving Prezi training.


This week alone,  Prezi held a meeting with its co-founder and CEO, Peter Arvai, users, entrepreneurs and tech lovers. Rogerio Chequer, our managing partner, participated in the event, at which the partnership was announced.


So if you want to go beyond the basics in your presentations, remember: it’s always safer to count on an expert.


So have a look at our Prezi! (Use full screen mode to have a more exciting experience!)