For those who are afraid of being exposed

For those who are afraid of being exposed


There’s no need to explain.


Just watch this video and ask yourself if you’re already too “grown up” to imagine or do anything the way you used to when you were a child.




10 Steps to a Successful Presentation


Do you get nervous when you’re about to make a Presentation? Do you worry about all those eyes and all that attention on you?


Are you afraid you won’t get your message across?


Here are some tips that will help you be a great Presenter!


1. Always keep your goal in mind, so you never lose focus.


2. Know that if you’re on a stage it’s because you deserve to be. And one way or another, you’re the main act, so self-confidence is essential.


3. Keep in mind how your Presentation can influence the lives of the audience.


4. Wear something comfortable and discreet. Don’t look as if you’ve dressed for a special occasion.


5. Never interrupt a question from the audience, it may seem arrogant on your part.


6. Generate an empathetic connection with your audience. One way to do this is to look everybody in the eyes, one person at a time.


7. If you feel that your audience is sleepy or not interested, change your own inner disposition. Your audience is your mirror.


8. Tone of voice also has an important impact, so use it as a tool in your favor. Speak louder, speak lower, speak faster, speak slower.


9. Be coherent. For instance, if you want to motivate your sales team, you need to be the first to be excited during your presentation


10. Remember that your audience is made up of intelligent people, fast-thinking, interesting people who are already interested in your subject.



So get ready by rehearsing a lot!