Office 2016 stands for Collaboration and Ubiquity

Office 2016 stands for Collaboration and Ubiquity


We have written about the new PowerPoint on this post and about the mobility of Windows 10 on this post. On September 22nd office 2016 was officially released.


Collaboration is the strongest keyword you will find across all the reviews that came out. The improvements on the productivity suite aren’t new for those you already are subscribers to the cloud and web-based Office 365, but it does elevate the game to users. Namely the majority of business users, a.k.a. desktop users.


On the windows 10 post the emphasis was mobile, on this new release it is collaboration. But in way that it does increase your productivity milestones. The secret here is the real-time editing feature, most visible and feasible in WORD, although it extends to the other apps like PowerPoint and Excel. The ability of having your colleagues working on the same document at the same time, enriches the productivity levels.


 office 2016_word


The new apps on Office 2016

The juice on the newest release as we see it.


Skype for business (late Lync)

Now part of the suite, it allows the user to IM, send files and shared screen /video-conferencing within the apps.


office 2016_skype


Planner and Delve


These are project management tools that allows you to get an overview of the projects, tasks and milestones of your team or colleague and job.


office 2016_planner


office 2016_delve




Is a web-based app that allows you to create presentations designed to look good in the browser and across different devices, with support for touch, embedded videos and many on the go features. Because it is a tool close to our core, we will dig deeper on a forthcoming post on our blog.


office 2016_sway


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