Presentation addicted

Presentation addicted

We are presentation-addicted. It doesn’t need to be Soap’s presentations; it doesn’t need to have the best visuals. It just needs to convey a good message and a create great impact.  And the “plus” that puts this equation together, in order to get audience “buy-in”, is the presenter. The idea flow and how it is communicated to people is the greatest value of a presentation.


The visuals are there to support the speech, to send additional messages to the audience, and will help them to build the big picture. It can be done with sophisticated visuals, but also with easily-searchable Google pictures!


Lawrence Lessig, a Stanford law professor, is the best example on how to create impact with a dynamic presentation. His unique style has inspired many people and became a non-official method, the “Lessig Method”.


See these great presentations:


TED – Lawrance Lessig:


Sxip Identity – Dick Hardt