How to Make your Audience Fall in Love with your Presentation?

How to Make your Audience Fall in Love with your Presentation?

Surprise your audience


We have said it many times: one of the best ways to fully capture the attention and love of an audience is to play with the unexpected. That’s what Microsoft did when it introduced Windows 8 in Lisbon.


The main aim of the brand was to show that using Windows 8 is simple and intuitive. To prove it, every time a customer in the store asked for a small demonstration of how the new system worked, a very special employee entered the scene. Take a look:



The great thing about this initiative was using the perfect metaphor to convey the message. By using a child to explain how its product works, Microsoft proved that the new Windows actually IS really simple and intuitive. And everyone fell in love with the small presenter!


In a corporate presentation, whether we like it or not, the performance is the main element responsible for success. Because, after all, it’s useless to be have a beautiful presentation that’s visually impactful if we can’t capture the audience with an outstanding performance.


How do you captivate your audience’s love? Here are three important pieces of advice:


• Show Enthusiasm and Passion for your subject

Believe us: if you don’t like or master the subject you’re presenting, if don’t fully believe in it, your audience will show not the slightest interest in knowing more about it. So trust yourself and put passion into your words and into what you’re saying and selling.


• Perform like a good actor and bring emotion to your story

Follow the example of Microsoft and bring emotion to your story. If you have no opportunity to introduce outside elements – like the child – emotionality can be achieved through the good use of simple but crucial elements like:


  • The voice – Use your voice wisely: change the rhythm and volume according to the different moments of the speech;


  • Gestures – Use your entire body to communicate (hands, feet, head….);


  • The eyes – Your eyes are your most powerful tool. Use them to look at everybody in the audience and make them all feel like part of your story;


  • Silences – Learn to take breaks to breathe, to create suspense at the right times.


A presenter is not an actor. But the truth is that when you make a presentation you assume a certain role – you’re representing something. And even if you’re not always on a stage, all eyes are turned to you. Everybody is absorbing your words and paying attention to them. So own your story and use your body language to achieve a great performance.


And, just like in a good movie, bring in surprise elements to captivate your audience.

The truth is that regardless of personal characteristics and style, everybody has the potential to put on a great show and capture the attention and love of an audience.