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The new Microsoft Office brought new apps. Sway is one of them.

What is Sway? A tool for you to create, publish and share your content.



In the example above, you can see how it works. In this presentation, artist Daria Musk used Sway to introduce a creation of a song.


Although many have coined Sway as the substitute of PowerPoint, we at SOAP believe it to be more of an extension. It brings to the table features such as the ability of embedding URL’s, video formats, (Youtube and Vimeo), and other third-parties. Sharing, through the most used social media platforms as Twitter and Facebook, and also allowing to embed a presentation like Slideshare does. But the core of what an optimized PowerPoint slide can do, is still a world apart.



Getting our hands in to it, what we saw as strong key points are the publishing and sharing aspect of the tool. Microsoft defined Sway as digital storytelling, due to its easiness of display using responsive design, making the content dynamic in different devices and screens.



The principle of Sway: There are three ways of laying out the navigation. Vertical, horizontal or one screen information. It brings dozens of design variations on six basic styles, but there are limitations on individual style captions. What you can do, is set key areas of your content, what you can´t do, is draw a text box or choose the alignment of an image. The algorithm was made to resize and adapt to the screen and device it is displayed, so native animations of a PowerPoint slide, will not be launched.



With that said, it is still a tool that you can use to enhance a static presentation, PDF document or an Excel chart.

Watch the video below to see the tool in action.





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