Slideshare can do more for your presentation than you think


In SOAP’s activity, creating impactful presentations is the core. But it doesn’t end there. To do what we know best, the equation is composed by the audience, the goal of your message, and the purpose of the content.


Bearing in mind that an effective communication is one that transforms the audience, nowadays, the way you present it and where, also has a part in the success formula.


With that said, it is important to introduce the many platforms in which a presentation can be delivered. Putting aside the classical forms such as business meetings, sales pitch, conferences and events, and diving into the most modern like, email, landing pages, livestream keynotes and webinars, one platform comes in mind. Slideshare.


By now it is familiar to you what this social network does, but are you optimizing your presence there? Are you aware of all the opportunities that can be created using the right tools? Keep this number in mind: 15 million presentations available.


It is an impressive number. What is even more impressive is that it is also a valuable networking tool, so much that in 2012 Linkedin purchased it as a growth strategy.


SOAP is a reference in this social network and made it to the shortlist of slideshare of the day. The consequences were a boost to our digital presence and brand awareness. You can see below the work selected by the Slideshare experts.



10 Powerful Body Language Tips for your next Presentation from SOAP – State of the art presentations


More than just a platform to publish presentations, it can also be a way for you to grow your search engine ranking, your leads nurturing strategy and your B2B or B2C networking.


SOAP and partner Resultados Digitais, digged deep on this social network to share with you some tips to leverage the content you publish. Be it a presentation, a case study or an introduction of your field of work.


Click below for a sneak preview of the ebook How to create winning presentations on Slideshare, and download your #soapfreebie. You can also click here for the download.


Teaser winning presentations on slideshare from SOAP – State of the art presentations


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