PowerPoint 2016 is coming


Mobile, mobile, mobile…

It’s all about productivity experience. There is no way to run from it PowerPoint is here to stay. This Fall no matter which device you want to keynote your presentation, it will run your message smoothly and empower it.


SOAP is all about empowering the message, and there is no tool we have been more familiar with than PowerPoint. As you can see here and here, our projects takes in all the PowerPoint features that can make a presentation excel it’s performance.


With the advance of technology and the priority of mobile first, Windows 10 and the new office 2016, takes the utmost advantage of ubiquity. The faster and powerful hardware this new devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Notepads and Hybrids) have, makes the work break frontiers that once were unthinkable. Like the video above showed the graphics and animations that the new .PPT can do, will allow the speaker make that impact needed to make the difference and get the message to resonate.




Presenter view is the biggest improvement to Powerpoint 2016. So this is what you need to open when you need to show your PowerPoint presentation. The new presenter in PowerPoint 2016 displays the current slide and any corresponding notes, the next slide so you can glance and prepare accordingly, a timer, and even all the slides at the bottom for easy skimming. There is a search button added in the program with a caption that says ” Tell me what you want to do”. This search box allows you to access options within PowerPoint by just typing in it. For example – if you want to add table within the slide, you don’t have to go to Insert > Table but instead just type in the search bar and you get the options that tenders your need.


While the new edition is not out yet, know how to maximize the current edition. Here is how you can take full advantage of .PPT . Click on the image below for a free download.