Power Point is not a document



Over time, in the minds of many people PowerPoint has come to be synonymous with presentation.


But is it right to say that  a group of slides is in fact a presentation?


At  SOAP we look at PowerPoint as a tool we can use to create presentations. A tool that can help enhance (or even ruin) the idea we’re presenting.


But that doesn’t make PowerPoint itself a presentation.


Changing the platform,  changes the way Power Point can be used

Have you noticed that most of the shared folders in schools, colleges and company libraries contain thousands of slides full of bullet points and data? Not one of these can be considered a presentation. For data purposes, the most appropriate program is Excel.


PPT is not a document

And the controversy about PowerPoint and presentations goes even deeper: many use the tool as if it were a document.


But it turns out that the best platform for this purpose is Word. It is Word that should be used for e-mail and made available for shared folders. Not slides.


Here’s a Tip: What we send isn’t what we present

  • In PowerPoint presentations, what should appear on a slide are the visual and as little text as possible (unless it’s indispensable to the presenter’s speech).


  • What we should be sending by e-mail and making available in publicly accessible folders is the more complete material, since the person on the receiving end won’t have access to the speech.


Use the software most suitable to your audience and format.


If your audience is in front of computers, send them documents that can surprise them, documents that can also tell a story.


But keep in mind that nothing can ever really replace a live presentation! Which is far more than a slide show.