Microsoft Launches New PowerPoint Features Design and Morph




The features mentioned below, are only available for Office 365 subscribers. You should expect this new tools to reach windows users in December, and other platforms in the months after.


On November 13th, Microsoft launched the “Office Insider Program “for the 365 subscribers. This program allows anyone to try previews builds of Windows 10. This is a way to keep aligned with Microsoft plan of having updates on a monthly basis. According to a Microsoft spokesperson “Every month the Office engineering team ships updates across the Office apps, including new functionality”. This month the big highlights are two new PowerPoint features: Design and Morph.





Both features are time saving tools for presentations. The first is a cloud-powered recommendation engine, and the second one is a smart animation technology.




What designer does, is give you options to turn your slides into visuals that stand out, just like a professional would do. The workflow: As you drop an image into your slide, Designer will detect where it can help you enhance it, and it will provide you with several options on your right-hand pane, which you can apply to the current slide. As you can see on the previews on the right of the image.


Designer is data-driven, meaning that the pane will only show up “When we believe we are able to deliver something of value to the customer”, said Chris Maloney, senior program manager. This feature uses machine learning, automated design and smart image analysis. There are more than 12,000 creative blueprints for designer, which allow for Designer to amplify the cloud intelligence and figure out, what design works best for your content. It can detect if the image is a photograph, contains a natural scene or face, a graph or chart and based on that, it will decide which parts of your image should remain visible, or if should go to the background or foreground, and what blueprint to suggest.





With Morph you are building “cinematic motions” as Microsoft calls them. It animates across slides. While Designer helps you build impactful presentations, Morph is a bit more complicated. What it does is duplicate slides you want morphed together, moving objects based on how you want them to animate. The process can take minutes to hours, depending on what you are trying to create. It works on the states you want your object to shift into. It’s set for 2 seconds by default but you can change it for the duration you want.


More than just regular text or image animations, the tool can animate 3D shapes. It can be applied at word or even character level, including text wrapping.


Want to know more about time saving features on PowerPoint? Download #soapfreebie on the Basics of PowerPoint. Click the image or download it here.

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