Make Them care


What is the most important thing you can expect from a presentation?


To impact and make behavioural change. To do so we need to “Make them care”.


Now, you’re thinking, it’s easier said than done.


Soap lives by the first impressions rule, saying it best, we are experts in the crucial and decisions moments. Our 12 years’ experience, has showed that knowing your audience, your content and the purpose behind the message you’re delivering, are the stepping stone’s for an efficient and optimized presentation.  Don´t just grab on to our words, listen and read from experts with a proven record. Andrew Stanton and Nancy Duarte.


Andrew Stanton in one of his TED Talks, which you can watch below,

explained why storytelling is the best approach and its importance in communication.





What we can take from this keynote, and also find common ground with SOAP’s core, are the engaging aspects of audience orientated key points.


You should make a promise that it’s going to be worth the audience‘s time, you need to create content that impels them to deduce. In Andrew’s words “Unifying Theory of 2+2: Let the audience do the math and apply imagination”.


But the ingredient that stuck to our head was wonder. “The best stories infuse wonder”. With storytelling we deepen our understanding of who we are, the similarities between ourselves and each other.


For Nancy Duarte, who we nurture a special feeling for, the power of a good story could be a physical reaction, pinpointing the audience importance. In her own words “The audience is the hero of our idea/message”.


She also raised this peculiar question, “How to incorporate a story in to a presentation?”



If you listened carefully, Nancy described a three part structure.


Where the audience is the hero of our idea or message, and the presenter is the mentor of that same idea or message.


The presentation has a goal, to transform your audience.


In order to achieve the goal,


1 a likeable hero,

2 encounters roadblocks in his way,

3 emerges from the struggle transformed.



Below you can download an ebook by SOAP about audience focused presentations,

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