Make the audience your journey


Knowing to whom you are addressing your presentation is key to a successful and impactful presentation.


This should be the very first step before creating your presentation.



The keyword here, is empathy. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. What would be interesting for them do discover from your content.


Does the message bring or give leverage to them? Is their time worth the attention they are committing to your presentation?






Before starting to create your next presentation…


Use this questions to get started on pinpointing your audience.



How big will the group be? Who will be absent?


The size of the group will affect the resources you will use on the presentation. Also, the absents may be key stakeholders on the subject, it is important that they can follow up the presentation.



What roles does your audience perform within the organization you’re presenting to? To whom are they accountable?


Knowing what they do and their responsibilities, can be used as leverage to create rapport. Take to account why the message you are delivering is important to them, and how it can be a solution. Making it the highlights of the content you are presenting.



What does the audience already know? What do people need to know?


Let the audience fill in the gap. Don´t state the obvious, doing so leads to the path of disconnection.


What are people likely to assume? Which of those assumptions are correct or incorrect?


Anticipating the assumptions will help you make better choices on the content and messages you’ll deliver.



How well does the audience know you?


Relationships are built on trust and credibility. If they don´t know who you are and what you are good at, you’ll need to build that trust in the room, tell them your story using a metaphor for a shared issue that you can give a solution to.



Will some attendees’ goals conflict with other attendees?


If this situation happens, try to explain early on, how what you offer can be used by both or different parties.



What type of presentations are your audience members used to?


It is important to know what will make your audience comfortable with. In case you are going a different route, you should be aware of what works with who, so you can lead the audience in an engaged way.



In this infographic by SOAP, here are some types of audience you can find.


8 Audience Profile Types you can Run into when Delivering a Presentation
from SOAP – State of the art presentations




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