Is your Message heard or seen?


It should be both


When we look back to the evolution of communication, from the ancient drawings on caves, to print, radio, TV and now mobile screens, there are common facts we can state. Message, words, language, visuals, and the list goes on. But, when the issue is effectiveness and results, two things come to mind: Message and visuals.

You can listen to a message, but it will be stronger if you attach a image to that message. It will become even stronger, if the message is emphasized with the visual.
Think of the Unicef adverts. They show us shocking images that stick in your minds even if we want do disregard them. That is how strong they are.


Their effectiveness is due to the emotional, rational and purpose of the message.


Getting into what we know best, presentations and their content are more effective when the usage of visuals are applied in a narrative of a story. (Storytelling)


Watch this example of Google, which have an entire youtube playlist of stories about using search. In other words, Google is using storytelling to promote a product.






60,000 TIMES Faster than TEXT


That is the number of times visuals are processed faster than text, which means that you can give effectiveness to your words with visuals. Our friends from Ethos3 created this infographic that give us some numbers to take in. People retain 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. Click the image below to see full infographic.






Now that you have some numbers to think about, take our advice and start using visuals, video, infographics and data visualization when delivering your message.


Here are some tools we created for you. Download them for free.



Slideshare is one of the most effective platforms for B2B and B2C. A lot of companies make the common mistake of just being on the platform and not taking full advantage of what the platform offers. Bearing that in mind, SOAP developed this ebook on how to make your presentations stand out .






And because we are talking about appealing visuals, here is an ebook on how to illustrate your presentations, in order to give you slides a more personal and fitted approach to your audience.