Intel´s CES 2016 Presentation sets a new trend


In 2007 we saw a revolution happen in the world of communications.


Steve Jobs is an icon known for his mass consuming products, personality, communication and his keynotes.


The launch of the Iphone was an announcement that disrupted the presentation world.


You can watch below the effectiveness of speech and performance.




This January Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich made his way to an also disruptive keynote, which we believe will change the presentations world.


Below you can watch the full 1h48 minutes presentation.


We will highlight, what we consider the strongest points from this presentation.




Showing creativity

The Number rule for an engaged audience is to entertain to retain. The start of the presentation, was a live performance.


It´s a way to impact right from the beginning. Intel is about product and their presentations have demos as the core of every presentation.


Living by the moto of showing instead of telling.



Interaction with the audience

Another rule for an efficient engagement is to interact with your targeted audience. Knowing that type of audience is a demanding one, because of their nature of searching for the flaws, it was a strategy that kept the attention high. Check the minute 6, to see what we are writing about.



Entrance with a WOW

Besides working in the engagement, the speaker also has a role – and very important one, to lead and conduct the presentation. Making an entrance with a wow factor, helps to get the audience hooked, especially with technology and innovation crowd.



Surprising the audience with a aha moment

After one wow factor you need to keep aligned and deliver what you promise from the start. So the “Aha Moment” at minute 14 with the orquestra, was complementary way of conducting the presentation journey.



Informing to the audience the presentation journey – Index

Even more tactical, was the transition from the introduction part into the core of the keynote. 101 of presentations, letting the audience know what they are in for. An index of what they are about to be informed, and why it is worth their attention and engagement.



Making the stage dynamic with entertainment and making the speaker part of it.

The most important highlight of the keynote, and most differentiated one, was the ability to make the stage, the speaker and guests part of the presentation. The stage was a dynamic one, without taking the elements out of the scenario. You had BMX stunts while the speaker was presenting, giving the audience something to watch and something to listen. And at the same time, keeping their attention sharp because they wouldn’t want to miss anything that could happen when doing live stunts. It also worked has purpose for Intel. Because all of the demos use their products, they are showcasing features as the same time that the audience is being bombarded with action and senses appeal.


This presentation, as said before is a step stone for a whole new presentation standard, just like Steve Jobs dis back in 2007. We are not comparing the speakers, as there will be ONE Steve Jobs, but the way Intel and their communications team worked in this presentation, sets new goals.



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