How to make an Outstanding Business Presentation on your own?



A Business Presentation is something you must have done many times before. But an Outstanding Business Presentations should be your everyday goal if you want to achieve Outstanding Results with it.


We assembled 6 Gold Rules on How to Create Outstanding Business Presentations.


 1. Create a Visual Identity (VI)

a. The VI of your Presentations is its look & feel


b. When creating a VI  you should define:


  • The Color Scheme you want to use (use only 3 to 4 colors that get along with each other)


  • Pick a Font or two and stick to them in your entire presentation


  • Choose a set of images that relate to each other and that relate to the topic and message you want to share


  •  Define the kind of animations and slide transitions you will be using


c. Keep your VI as clean and clear as possible; remember this is only the “background” of your presentation. It shouldn’t be the main focus


2. Align all elements

  • Pay attention to spacing and alignment of the elements in your slide


  • Each element has its own place in a slide and that should be respected as a rule for the entire presentation, that will bring consistency to the final piece


  • Use PowerPoint gridlines to help you


3. Use as Few Text as possible

  • Keep only relevant information. No one reads slides that are crowded with information


  • Avoid bullet points


  • And use only one idea per slide


4. Use Different Fonts

  • Avoid using again and again the same font


  • Fonts also convey a message, so make sure the font you pick for your presentations has to do with the main message and topic you are talking about


  • You can find good free design fonts on Google. Search for: beautiful fonts


5. Use Great Visuals in all slides

  • The image you choose has to convey the slide’s message


  • Use ONLY Quality Images with the right resolution and size (never use Miscrosoft pictures, they will always look bad)


  • Get some nice images at: (Royalty free images) or


6. Rehearse as much as possible

  • Not everyone was born with the gift of public speaking, but anyone can create and deliver a good presentation if they rehearse a lot


  • Make sure you have the story with the right message in your head. Know your story by heart, that way you won’t be able to forget it


  • Remember: To deliver 1 hour of an Outstanding Business Presentation you should rehearse for 30h more.


Give everything you have for every business presentation you make. That’s the only way you can assure an Outstanding Business Presentation.


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Create a Visual Identity

Align all elements

Use as Few Text as possible

Use Different Fonts

Use Great Visuals in all slides

Rehearse as much as possib