Have you heard of PaaS?


Communication evolves and so does presentations. The need of living in the now and the search for the fastest results, demand a more useful use of technology and the web. In our activity we need to be flexible to our clients needs. Being a global company demands global solutions. In order to have the ability to reply for innovative requests, we too need to push boundaries and put the best resources we have, in order to achieve goals.


Technology companies dominate the economical spectre of the world. Think of Google, Facebook, or the most disruptive of all Uber. All of them share one common ground. The use of technology in an useful and innovative way.


In the Presentation scope, there are also innovative companies putting the practices of technology in play. Most of them use the ability of sharing and data analytics as leverage. They complement the reach of your presentation and the interaction of your audience.


Presentations as a Software. PaaS


Here are the ones that caught our attention.













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