Good design is good business


@SOAP we breathe design. We always make the extra effort to improve and satisfy our clients needs.


Most of them come in shapes and sizes of complex data like charts, reports, or new products or services that people never heard of before, and need to be appealing and very impactful.


We take the “first impressions count”, very seriously. It is our core to be where the decisions making are critical. Be it on a pitch, a sale, conference or one on one meeting.


The mantra @IBM is “good design is good business”, it has been so since the 50’s. A little intro behind the brand History.


Thomas Watson jr. was getting ready to take over the Business machines empire, when he stumble upon an Olivetti store front in a street of New York. It looked like” first class saloon on an ocean liner” Thomas Watson Jr. said. Few years later, when he took over as CEO, he wanted to “put my stamp on IBM through modern design”.


Later on in a University conference he coined the phrase, “Good design is good business”. He hired the top designer consultant of that time, Eliot Noyes, who had this particular point of view:


“In a sense, a corporation should be like a good painting; everything visible should contribute to the correct total statement; nothing visible should detract.”


It was Noyes who brought along with him the man responsible for the IBM logo, still in use today, Paul Rand. The 8 bar Logo. And also the team and couple behind the IBM thinking Charles and Ray Eames.




The message is SOAP’s raw material. We call ourselves State of the art presentations, because quoting Paul Rand


“The synthesis of form is content, without form there is no content. The work of art is realized, when form and content are indistinguishable.”


Our work for us is exactly this. Transforming form and content in ways that the message becomes indistinguishable, and serves its perceiving purpose. Using script creativity, design, video or visuals, training speakers or conducting them on the right path. Below you can see an example of our expertise.



15 things that you really should know about presentations!
from SOAP – State of the art presentations

Bottom line is that we do believe that Good design is good business. We live by it.


Our knowledge and know-how of more than 10 years has proven so. We face the challenges that businesses have in today’s communication realm, and make our best for them to excel and overcome their goals.


Be it a new behavioral methodology within the company, a new product launch or a presentation to close the deal.


Watch more of our work on Slideshare, and feel free to download our EBooks and templates on the downloads page of our website.

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