Fear makes us stronger


Meet Joe Kowan, a folk singer with stage fright. It is more common than you think. But there are ways to fight it. The same applies to presentations. Don´t struggle to think why it happens to you and not to others.


Think of it this way, not everyone is suited to be an entrepreneur, just like not everyone is capable to be the quarterback for the Patriots.


Getting back to presentations, preparation is key along with concise, purposeful and simple content. On this video below you can watch how Joe Kowan fought back his fear.





If you paid attention, the pivotal points Joe mentioned were, repetition, glimpse of audience connection, audience permission to think about the issue, interaction with the audience.



But the epiphany moment as he recalls, was to embrace and exploit the problem trough the song. The same is to say CONTENT, the stage fright song. Imagine if you will, it’s your presentation.


You need to focus on what you want to address. But make it in a way your audience will realise the context, and relate to the content (Ask the audience permission to think of the content with you), then interact with your audience.

The person you interact with will surely talk of your presentation on the office, at home with family, etc.


Below is a presentation about tips on audience focused presentations by SOAP



Tips on Building Audience Focused Presentations
from SOAP – State of the art presentations


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