Entertain to Retain



15 things that you really should know about presentations!
from SOAP – State of the art presentations

Now that you have read the Slideshare, there is another big tip for you.


You must entertain to retain.


What we mean is that a way to engage your audience and make your content stick to their heads, is to present the content in way that entertains while presenting the message. Think of your childhood laughing memories, there is something that you can relate to when doing your flashback. Be it a joke or a prank you did or someone did to you. Bottom line is you were being entertained.


So bear in mind that, your audience is already listening to your words, seeing your body language, and interpreting it, seeing your slides and trying to understand the meaning of your context. With that said, in order to get the message you want through, you should entertain your audience, be it by challenging them with your content, make them part of your presentation, with stage charades, whatever your imagination can think of, the possibilities are many.


For you, what really matters is that your message is perceived as you want them to perceive it.




Here is a good presentation example on how to entertain to retain