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The world has changed
If there is one slide that we’ve done countless times, this is it. We are providing templates of a “changing world” at 10 industries. Feel free to download it and tell your story!
Find out in this e-book which are the nine types of narrative you might use to get your audience’s attention!
Download it now, learn their characteristics and for which situations they are most indicated.

It can be a big event or a small committee. The goal is always the same: transmit the company´s strategic messages. Download this material to know how to make this decisive moment into a #stateoftheart one.

Template for Product Launching

We have developed this editable 12 slides-template, so you can add your own data and increase your chances of success!

SOAP´s guide to your state of the art institutional presentation

With our experience in creating this type of material, we’ll give you tips and concepts in how to set up an institutional presentation which will delight and leave a lasting impression on the spectator.

Why is Internal Communication Important?

Great Place To Work Brazil and SOAP joined forces to bring to you this ebook on, Why Internal Communication is Important for an engaged and productive work environment.

How to create winning presentations on Slideshare
Slideshare offers a lot of interesting possibilities, specially on the B2B activity. With this ebook you will learn in detail, how to take fulll advantage of this social network.
How to illustrate your presentation

In this material, you can check some options to let your presentation more impactful, from simple solutions until the more complex.

Template for Proposal approval

Just, download, complete and submit. Good luck!

From now on, SWOT will be “TOSW”

In this e-book you’ll get to know the elements of this simple matrix and learn how to apply them correctly when developing your presentations.

Time management guide (for presentations): prioritizing what is important!

There’s no denying it: time is one of the things most lacking in the corporate world. But is it really a lack of time? Or is it that we’re just not able to organize tasks in order of priority?


Isn’t it great to have, in just one file, tips on the main elements of great presentations?

Since we don’t want you to miss a thing, we’ve gathered some very helpful hints from our most successful work in 2014 in one easy-to-use e-book!

SOAP gifts

As always, our goal is to help make your presentation building as easy as possible.
Which is why we’ve decided to celebrate the holiday by sending you some little gifts!

Did you know that…

By dedicating 70% of the allotted time to writing the script of your presentation – instead of pasting images into slides (and don’t tell me you’ve never done that…) – you’ll end up with a much more interesting presentation?

Template for Presenting Results and New Goals

How has your company fared in 2014?
And how about your area?
Have you achieved your goals?
Your objectives reached?

Exploding 12 Myths About Presentations

Rumor has it that a presenter should speak for a minute on every slide. Rumor also has it that you need to use the company logo on all your slides. Well? Don’t fall for everything you hear! When it comes to rumors, anything goes!

Powerpoint 2013 Basics: A Tutorial

When we’re relying on a PowerPoint file to sell a presentation, it’s crucial that we design the visuals nicely and in an organized way. Otherwise, we run the risk of shooting ourselves in the foot when our message gets lost in visual “noise.”

15 most common presentation mistakes

We all know that mistakes happen, but why not be aware of the most common presentation mistakes so that you can avoid them in the first place? Here are 15 common gaffes that can ruin you from the first moment of a presentation.

Awesome Resume

If you’ve been on the job market lately, you know that applying for a new job is nowhere near as simple as sending in a résumé and crossing your fingers! When applying for a new job, every detail counts.

SOAP’s 11-Step Guide to Awesome Presentation Content

The content is the foundation of a presentation.

Without it, nothing else happens. Without a presentation script, no visuals can be designed, no PowerPoint slides can be created, no speech can be rehearsed.

The 10 Worst Body Language Presentation Mistakes

Do you know that body language impacts directly on presentation outcomes?


The World Cup PPT Template

Because we know everybody at one time or another has to propose a project, we’ve created this presentation template based on the 8 most important stages of any project.

Tips on Building Audience Focused Presentations

If you think that building a presentation starts with writing a script, this eBook is just the thing for you.

Your Training PPT Template

If you’re responsible for the training department in your company, if you’re a teacher, a professor, a school director, or if you’re somebody involved in some way in education or business instruction, this presentation is right for you.

How to Present Like a Pro – Part II

Presenting like a Pro requires two important skills: being able to pay close attention to your audience both before and during the presentation, and being able to take care of yourself as a presenter.

How to Present Like a Pro – Part I

One of the best ways to WOW an audience is to Improve your Performance as a Presenter.

How to Use Outstanding Visual Language in a Presentation – Part II

In this eBook you’ll find actual examples of business presentation
slides that can help you improve your own presentation visuals.

How to Use Outstanding Visual Language in a Presentation – Part I

This e-Book will inspire you to use more visuals in your next presentations, avoiding boring slides with too much text and full of bullet points.

How to Write a Winning Presentation Pitch – Part II

Every high-standard presentation that aims to persuade with content has to convey energy, edge and emotion. For those who have to create such presentations on a daily basis, it’s essential to master the techniques that will enable them to develop products of that high caliber.

How to Write a Winning Presentation Pitch – Part I

Download our free eBook to master the rules for great presentation development.

Your ultimate goal with any presentation should be to persuade and wow your audience. But to achieve that goal, the first thing you have to do is create a meaningful, persuasive and memorable presentation script.

Getting a Yes Template

Do you have an idea the boss has to approve? Do you have a project the CEO has to sign off on? Do you have a new product that needs a “yes”?
You do? Well, we have the perfect PowerPoint Template for you.

How to suffer less when preparing your presentation

Do you want to suffer less when preparing presentations? For many of us, just the thought of having to create a presentation and prepare to make it is just plain painful. We get nervous and we think too much about it, and then in the end we still dedicate too little time to the process.

100 Quotes on Presentations

Many times, a simple phrase can teach a valuable lesson or convey a critical insight that may change the way we approach the world. When thinking about presentations and the best way to create them, some experts have a lot to teach us all.

52 Presentation Tips

SOAP Presentations wants to help you achieve exceptional performances in 2013, so we’re giving you this eBook of 52 Presentation Tips: one for each week next year.

Your Presentation Checklist

When you are getting ready for a presentation it is important to have in hand the main quality rules regarding a presentation creation.

Tasting Template

The last quarter of every year is a critical moment for every company.
The new products and projects for the year to come are being presented and approved.
So now SOAP Presentations would like to help you with a Free PowerPoint Template that you can use for many product presentations.

The Anatomy of a Presenter

When you make a face-to-face presentation, you’re fully exposed to an audience. So, it’s very important to be aware of the unspoken messages your body is sending.

Do You Want to Improve Your Performance as a Presenter?
With this free White Paper from SOAP, you’ll be able to see the 4 things you must never do and the 4 things you must always do for your presentations to be considered state-of-the-art.
If you want to enhance your presenter skills or if you’ve encountered problems trying to be an effective presenter, this Free White Paper is for you!