Dilbert and 4 PowerPoint Lessons



Isn’t it great when somebody can sum up something you’d love to be able to say well and be funny at the same time?


We found this series of cartoonist Scott Adams’ Dilbert strips, in which our hapless hero faces some … uh … shall we say challenges with corporate presentations:


1)    B-O-R-I-N-G presentation

Bottom line? If all you have to offer is a bunch of text and tables  on slides, you should cancel your meeting and send the file by email! Then nobody in your intended audience will want to kill you the next time she/he bumps into you at work.


2) Careful! Monkey ahead

Bottom line? A boring PowerPoint may not be a good play for your team. Not to mention how sort of dumb you’ll come across if you can’t ratchet up even a little passion for your own material.


3) Powerpointless

Bottom line? A PowerPoint visual should help to clarify, not serve to confuse. Always try to think how an audience will see or understand your presentation, then talk through your slides as if you were telling a story to a friend.


4) Full of nothing 

Bottom Line? A very long presentation may look like: a) you’re trying to hide something; or b) you don’t have important-enough information to deliver. So be heartless with your eraser. Remove all the “decoration” and use the presentation to convey only the best of your information. People will thank you with cake and cookies … honest … maybe.