Data visualization should be entertaining


In the majority of times, SOAP is challenged to make numbers, EBITDA, (in case you were wondering what it stands for, Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization), P&L’s (if you ever wondered this one too, Profit and loss statement), or simple charts into appealing visual designs with impactful messages.


Data visualization has become a trend, and it can be showed in different ways, like info-graphics for example. Below is our most viewed and shared infographic.



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Mainly, it always has to do with the purpose of the content, regardless of the visual support. Just like a presentation, the content must be simple to understand, needs to be clear and have the audience/users of the information in mind, (usefulness), impactful and content correlated visuals that support the information. This will turn grey tables of numbers, into a colourful appealing message.



A great and off charts example of data visualization, is a new year campaign by Airbnb. They took the shared economy game, further and used their numbers of check in’s and online community as a way to advertise its service. Boosting their PR Efforts and online engagement. Two points that caught our attention on this campaign.


1) The use of storytelling



2) The use of Interaction through technology. (Keeping the users/audience in mind)


Based on Web GL you can interact with a world map and watch the use of data, like numbers of check in’s and guests in real time. Take a look for yourself here.



What this example gives us, is an entertaining way of data visualization. Like we said in the very beginning of this post, it reflects the key points that make an effective and efficient communication, be it a presentation, a info-graphic or video. Simple, clear and useful to the audience/user.



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