Cannes Lion 2015


Communication, Heineken and impact for good.


The week of 21st to the 27th of June held this year Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival. Just in case you are reading about Cannes Lions for the first time, it is the home of great ideas and is the world’s only truly global meeting place for those passionate about creativity in communications.


More than 10,000 registered delegates from 94 countries and around 12,000 total visitors from the advertising and allied industries attend this event to celebrate the best of creativity across the whole media mix, discuss industry issues and network with one another.


Why is this event important for you?


Just like SOAP our clients, partners and possibly new advocates operate in the communication industry. Regardless of their product, service or economic activity. Cannes Lions works like a beacon and landscape of trends and innovation. Get to know more about SOAP and how we elevate the message in to intelligence. Check out our slideshare.


With no surprise to SOAP, Heineken was elected marketeer of the year 2015. We are proud to have been collaborating with them for years and have always believed in their search of innovation, customer satisfaction and the ability to surprise us every year. Below you can watch a highlight of Cannes Lions presentations the day Heineken took the main stage.




At SOAP message is king. No matter which channel, stream, means you need to use, it is how the message is delivered and perceived that counts. It’s all about the purpose. One of the winners of this edition was “The gun store”, a campaign by States United to Prevent Gun Violence. João Coutinho from Portugal was the Creative Director behind it, and the purpose and goal of this creativity was achieved. To make American citizens think twice before keeping a firearm at home. Watch it and share it.






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