Business Presentation Charts



Most Business Presentations use Charts and most of them are boring and hard to read. We believe that charts can be an interesting part of a presentation and therefore we would like to share with you examples of the 3 main types of business presentation charts, their main purpose and how to use them.


1. Clean Chart

A standard chart that is adapted to the Visual Identity of the Presentation.




This is the simplest chart you can have in a business presentation.


  • Make sure you keep it clean and clear. Use only the information needed to make it understandable.


  • Highlight important numbers and information, use different colors to show different products or areas.


  • Make sure the animation helps you convey your main message.


2.       Contextualized Chart

A chart that is totally integrated with the main topic of the presentation.




This type of chart is more eye catchy for the audience.


  • Use a background Image that is related to your topic and fit your chart in that image.


  • Simplicity is the golden rule for your choice in a background image. It needs to be a good support for your data, so make sure it is simple.


  • Use only quality background Images. You may find them on places like


3.       Concept Charts

A chart that embodies the very content it is talking about.




This is the most complex of the 3 types of charts but at the same time the most interesting and appealing.


  • The goal is to use the image of the product or subject area as the charts’ columns and/or lines itself.


  • In this type of chart is important to maintain the proportionality of images taking into account the numbers they represent.


  • This is the king of charts, the only limit is your own imagination. If you have an image editor program this is the right moment to use it.