How to Hold Audience Attention

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    Keeping tens or hundreds of minds focused on a presentation isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a bit of a challenge! If a story isn’t compelling, if a speech is boring, confusing or even predictable, it’s easy for an audience to lose focus. Just as in the movies, the audience is seated but traveling […]

5 Reasons Why Traditional Business Presentations Don’t Engage (and How To Change The Game)

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1-      Problem: The poorly defined objective What is the objective of a performance review presentation? To present the performance? Well, if it were, you may as well just email the results.   Most executives prepare business presentations with poor objectives in mind. Not wrong ones, but objectives that just aren’t specific enough. Usually, the objective […]

The “Wow!” effect: illustrator and designer Christoph Niemann’s TED Talk offers tips for an outstanding layout

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When the German-born illustrator and designer Christoph Niemann decides to talk about the creation of images, you must stop to listen. Not only for being a highly respected illustrator, but also for being one of the few who understands the power of visuals. Niemann knows how a drawing, no matter how simple, can deeply move […]

Why Should a Business Presentation Tell a Story?

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  Okay, you may ask yourself: these people at SOAP are always talking about “Story.” So what is the big deal?   Well, for one thing, it’s been proven that the human brain is more receptive to stories than to lists of facts, bunches of data and the reports that drown us at most presentations.  […]

How to Handle a Q & A Session

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A Q&A session should be the last segment of every presentation you make, as it’s a time when doubts can be clarified and issues further explored. It’s also a great opportunity to interact with your public and learn more about their concerns, questions and interests. So, if you’ve mastered the subject you’re presenting and you […]

7 Tips on How to Use Your Voice Effectively for Presentations

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The voice is an important tool for inspiring and engaging audiences. To create an impact, to be clear, natural and expressive, the voice needs to be used well. Here, we talk about ways in which presenters can show more enthusiasm in their speeches.   Intonation and Melody A speech that is absolutely regular, without variation […]

Training For A Presentation

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After the script and the slides for your presentation are ready, it’s time to think about training you, the presenter.  This training for a presentation is critical to your success as a presenter   Besides preparing yourself to do the presentation, training also helps to reduce the anxiety and stress that can precede a major […]

How to make numbers interesting


Imagine attending a meeting where only numbers, data and graphics are displayed. A little tiring, no? And what if the presentation you have to sit through features 120,000 numbers?   Yes, it would be pure torture to have to pay attention to that, not to mention a serious challenge for the presenter. After all, how can you convey information in a didactic way? Often, the numbers are the protagonists […]

Power Point is not a document


  Over time, in the minds of many people PowerPoint has come to be synonymous with presentation.   But is it right to say that  a group of slides is in fact a presentation?   At  SOAP we look at PowerPoint as a tool we can use to create presentations. A tool that can help […]