Advertise, inform or share?



SOAP’s work is very hard to be defined in the communication industry. We are very proud of our work and the experience gained in these more than 12 years of existence.
We are an agency, but not your regular definition of advertising agency. We are consultants, but we work together with the client from the very first moment. We love to tell stories, but we bear in mind the effectiveness of the message behind it, making storytelling with results our core.

All the facts above, makes us a one of kind endeavour. Although gathering all the skills needed to excel as an agency, consultancy practice or storyteller, we know that what matters most is the message.



What defines an impactful presentation orientated for results?


Should it be like an advertising billboard? Should the content be data driven and inform the audience? Or should it have a narrative that captivates and engages people, compelling them share with others what they have learned from your presentation?



Advertising as known today is disruptive. From the very beginning, since it was first used, it’s role was to inform. With the advance of media, from print, to radio to TV it became persuasive. Digital transformation twisted the game. We know talk about formats and screens, and the media currency is now views, likes, advocates, trolls, community, and the most wealthiest of all engagement.



A good example of how much advertising has changed is the awarded youtube pre-roll video by geico. Yes, the best advertising didn´t even get to TV, Radio or Outdoor.







Information is crucial in any presentation. It should be the base of your content. As your audience is expecting to learn from your performance and presentation. So it is important that the data your present have some kind of value they can take with them. Bottom line is that you should include all the information needed to make your audience understand the message you’re delivering. AirBnB does this nicely.






The core of storytelling is sharing. What you are doing when telling a story is sharing an experience you had with others. What you took from that experience is what the people you are telling the story will grab to. The technique and usage should vary according to whom or who you are telling the story. Learn the different types of audience you can find on this Slideshare deck. Branded Storytelling is what Schweppes did. Click on the image to watch the video.






An effective Presentation should:


  • Impact – create slides like billboards direct messages supported by context visuals


  • Transform your audience – give them information they can learn from


  • Connect them with a narrative – tell your story in an engaging way


Advertise, inform and share.


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