“About Us” – The Wrong Way to Go



About Us


There is no scientific study to prove it, but I can guarantee that maybe 90% of the business presentations we see at SOAP start with the famous – or should we say, infamous – “About Us.”


This is the presentation equivalent of those prehistoric ads that used bland still pictures of headquarters buildings to promote businesses.


Thankfully, this stilted approach is no longer popular.


In traditional advertising we’ve managed to overcome it totally. Everybody today knows that “advertising” our existence isn’t enough to make sales. But in this regard, as in many other cases dealing with the communication in meetings, in lectures and in corporate presentations, many continue to operate from a pre-historic mentality. This is unfortunate.  Too many companies and executives continue to spend (waste?) most precious audience time talking about themselves, leaving to the end (if ever!) any discussion of what’s really important in the communication: how can the  company, product, or idea improve the lives of the audience?


This is not to say that the “About Us” portion of a presentation is irrelevant. And to effectively demonstrate experience, talking about a company’s ability to implement processes or the way its business is organized, can even be crucial.


But even here, try to start your presentations by addressing the framework of your business and its scope in the market in which it operates. Try to establish early on a parallelism between the activities of your customers / audience and how your product(s) or service(s) can help them. Do this in an informal, relaxed way, as if you were having a conversation over a cup of coffee. If the response is positive and you end up winning your audience, you can then talk about how you’re ready to be of assistance.


Change your “About Us” to “How Can We Help?” and you will change the response to your presentation.