A Presentation is a team effort between you and your slide deck



One of the most common mistakes made in business meetings is that the executives on the stage haven’t really planned how they’re going to conduct their presentations using the PowerPoint work in the most effective way.


The first reason for this, and the most obvious, involves the actual construction of the slide part of the presentation.  In general, all too often business presentations are just too long and have no focus, and the slides are full of pointless animation and graphics and usually feature text, text and more mind-numbing text.


But this problem exists mainly because a second, key step in the process is all too often not considered: training the presenter is crucial if a presentation is going to be dynamic and persuasive. All too often, in fact, presenters think their work is done right about the time “their” PowerPoint work is finished.


Well, that just isn’t so.


The fact is that the slide show is just another step in preparing for a meeting. After all, if you’ve scheduled a presentation it’s because you yourself will be handling the meeting and making the presentation. And this is the fundamental point: It’s the presenter who should lead the presentation, not the other way around.  It is the presenter, first and foremost, who has to shine.


And this requires preparation, even in cases where the presenters might need to improvise. If you’re up in front of an audience, you can never forget that your credibility and your company´s credibility are at stake. And nothing conveys credibility more than a well-developed, structured and objective communication that’s also in the hands of a well-prepared presenter.


And how does this kind of totally effective presentaton come to be? Yes, PowerPoint is a powerful visual support tool for communicating a message, but it’s only a tool.  It’s a tool intended to highlight and complement your capabilities as a messenger.


Basically, then, a successful presentation is a team effort: you and your visual support group working together to create the world that is a great presentation. To do this you all have to be in total sync. Otherwise, that fabulous PowerPoint show of yours will end up disturbing you more than helping you.