A 10 to Windows 10?


Source: The Verge


In July we saw the release of Windows 10. The cycle as we know it has been the following: Windows XP saved us from Windows ME, Windows 7 saved us from the Windows Vista, and now windows 10 combines the best of Windows 7 and 8.


One of the biggest changes is the return of the   Start Menu.




It came back with a blast, showing real improvements and making Windows Apps useful. On the left bottom side, when you click the start menu, we see an “All Apps”, File explorer, settings and the shut-down restart and stand by shortcut. On the right side of the new Start Menu you’ll find the Live Tiles, where can access and check immediately for unread emails, Calendar appointments. The live tiles are customizable so you can rearrange them as you wish.


Search and Cortana

Another new feature that you can now find in the Start Menu is the search bar. You can type your search and get your results from matching apps, settings and files, the Windows Store and list of Web results. But there is a lot more you can do. Meet Cortana, the windows virtual assistant. For those Windows phone users, it’s not big news, but it is an attempt to bring closer the concept that Microsoft is pursuing of “One product Family, one platform, one store. Getting back to Cortana, You can make the most use of this feature and get a real sense of organization, simply type “how is the weather going to be this weekend?” and Cortana will display the  weather widget. This brings productivity to a new level.





Task view, virtual desktops

To enhance productivity, you may also find the Task View, click the icon on the right of the search bar and Task view will launch. It’s similar to the view you had when pressing alt+tab on Windows 7 and 8. But the new improvement is the virtual desktops that you can find on the bottom righ corner that allows you to create new desktops that run Apps individually. You can flip between them quickly by pressing Ctrl+Win+right cursor, and display that word document in your 20 open windows you were looking for.






Is the new notifications panel. It’s designed to match the Notifications setup in the windows phone.


When you launch it you get a full-height table, where you can toggle settings, Bluetooth, wi-fi or location ON and OFF.





There is a new web browser on windows 10. EDGE brings a minimal interface, leaving a lot of room for screen real estate allowing the user to focus on the important content. It also allows you to make annotations directly on the page, so you can highlight an area you want to share with others. It is still a work in progress, and that is why Windows 10 gives you the option to open web pages on Internet explorer.







Windows 10 is the result of the intent of Microsoft turning an Operating system in to an ecosystem.


It’s the glue between the Desktop, tablets and Hybrids. Allowing you to always take productivity where it is most needed.


The fun part is that for the first time on Microsoft side, you see an approach and open road for constant improvement, making it a continuous work in progress.


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