6 Presentation tools to boost productivity



SOAP is a household of designers, consultants and executive management. The art craft is mainly creativity, but the tools SOAP uses are mainly software and hardware. As is the majority of work of this century.


PowerPoint can be Loved or hated. No matter which side you are on, it still represents a mean to a goal. It still is what you do with it that gets you results. When you think of presentations you immediately think of PowerPoint. There are good examples and some that do not achieve the results you expect. Who is to blame? Not the tool for sure.


We have written before, about how Microsoft is investing on the productivity tools. You can read about the office upgrades here, and the strategy and new approach to mobile here.


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We know that it takes years of practice to become an expert with PowerPoint, but as we mentioned before, Microsoft has a new strategy to engage its users. Their tactic is to keep improving the experience bearing in mind the needs. Every month there are updates to the office suite, which are available to all Office 365 subscribers.
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Microsoft are not the only ones that cater to user needs. SOAP found some ADD IN ‘s , tools that you install on to your PowerPoint application, that can really enhance your productivity, by saving you time and effort, and make your presentations have a professional look & feel. Here are 6 tools that caught our attention and are useful.


Data Visualization is and should be a technique you should use to simplify those complex numbers that you really need to show, to make a strong statement. Sometimes the charts available by default on PowerPoint don’t really reach the goal you need. Here is an Add-In that can help you achieve the results you need.




ShapeChef provides access to a growing collection of high-quality PowerPoint graphics, charts, and icons.







Brings a collection of invaluable tools that improve productivity




Office Timeline



Office Timeline is the only Gantt chart and timeline maker software built for Knowledge Workers, right inside Microsoft PowerPoint. It easily produces elegant Gantt charts and timelines that no other application can match.





Easily make beautiful Gantt charts for important business presentations!

from Office Timeline on Vimeo.




The audience is one of most important elements of a presentation. Keeping them interested and engaged is the role of the presenter/ speaker. With this tool, you will not only engage, but make the audience part of the presentation, by giving them a role in real time. It requires no Hardware or software installation from the audience, rather than the devices they use or have in hand. See How it works by clicking the image below.








Those who had experience with Excel charts linking, know how time consuming it can be to create a chart in a specific slide. Aploris can be a solution to save time.

Office Mix

Everything you need to easily create and share interactive online videos and presentations.

If you are an educator or Office 365 subscriber it is free. Watch the video below to see how it works.




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