Excellent is WIP


Image above from     SOAP lives by excellence. We combine strengths and skills to achieve goals and client’s needs. We are also aware […]

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6 Presentation tools to boost productivity


image by     SOAP is a household of designers, consultants and executive management. The art craft is mainly creativity, but the tools SOAP uses […]

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Design Vs Happiness


Image above from Erik Voake for Fast Company   SOAP’s work is about solving problems. Mainly communication issues. What is the best way to convey […]

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Advertise, inform or share?


SOAP’s work is very hard to be defined in the communication industry. We are very proud of our work and the experience gained in these […]

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Is your Message heard or seen?


It should be both When we look back to the evolution of communication, from the ancient drawings on caves, to print, radio, TV and now […]

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Make the audience your journey


Knowing to whom you are addressing your presentation is key to a successful and impactful presentation. This should be the very first step before creating […]

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Technology tools you should know about


@SOAP we endorse technology as a mean to an end. We see all presentation tools, software included as part of an integrated system. All experts […]

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PowerPoint Updates 2016


At SOAP PowerPoint is our core tool. We are always looking for improvement and productivity innovation.   So we will summarize in the following paragraphs […]

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Timing is Leverage


Watch this Bill Gross Presentation with us.       Now, take this journey on analysing the links between a start up and a presentation. […]

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